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    ISONEM ANTI SOUND PAINT, the acoustic paint which is used to stop and reduce sounds, is designed to absorb and isolate the sound in the best possible way. According to the measurement and analysis carried out in conformity with the TS 140-4 Standard; It has been certified in Türkak approved accrediting laboratories, that the applied paint reduces and absorbs the sound level 2.51 dB as regards to 1000Hz, when applied as a 1 mm thick layer and it reduces and absorbs the sound level 4.85 dB as regards to 1000Hz, when applied as a 2mm thick layer, in the 1/3 octave frequency band.


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    ISONEM DS is a one component, transparent penetrating non-yellowing protective sealer. The product forms a transparent, elastic and uniform layer after drying. It is not affected from UV rays and external climatic conditions. ISONEM DS is used as a penetrating dustproof sealer for areas such as warehouses, storage facilites, car parks, garrages, light industrial buildings etc. It is resistant against wear and tear and is not affected from human or vehicle traffic. It is also resistant against various chemical substances.


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    Transparent Floor Insulation “Non Film Formation”

    This product applies insulation without the formation of the film on the surface applied, with full impregnation on the floors or the walls, ensuring full protection, it breathes, is not affected from the UV lights or the sun rays, and is inflammable. It dries up within one hour after the application.


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    Super Adhesive

    This is a liquid product, which is added into mortar or applied onto the surface for the applications such as ceramic works or the insulations based on concrete, plaster, alum, cement, provides the mortar with the adhesion, flexibility and the feature increasing the adherence. It offers an excellent adherence and retaining feature for the old material or the new one to be applied on by forming a super adhesive layer. In respect of concrete, plater, alum, applications, it prevents the formation of cold joint filler.


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    Solvent Free Epoxy Based Floor Coating

    ISONEM SELF LEVELLING 3K provides a 1.0-2.0 mm thickness up to 4.0-5.0 mm hard wearing, attractive floor, which is chemical resistant, impervious and easy to clean. Available in a range of colours ISONEM SELF LEVELLING 3K is ideal for use in pharmaceutical factories, laboratories, industrial floors subjected to moderately heavy loading, cold storage facilities (-20°C to –25°C), switch gear plant rooms hospital clean rooms and any application requiring a hygienic easy clean surface.

  • ISONEM M 03

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    Polymer Modified Repair Mortar

    ISONEM M 03 is a cementitious, polymer modified, fiber reinforced, one component repair mortar for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. ISONEM 03 can also be used in combination with ISONEM EP epoxy bonding agent for trafficed repairs. USES: •Fair faced concrete repairs •Repairs of wall and ceiling •Preparation of substrates before tile applications.

  • ISONEM M 35 – 2K

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    Cement + Acrylic Based Elastic Waterproof Coating For Internal And External Use

    ISONEM M 35 – 2K is a blend of cements, aggregate and acrylic polymer modifying agents. When mixed to a slurry consistency with the emulsion ISONEM M 35 – 2K Liquid, it can be easily applied by brush or spray equipment. It cures to give an elastomeric flexible waterproofing membrane.

  • ISONEM BE 89 2K

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    Two Component Bitumen Based Liquid Membrane Waterproofing

    ISONEM BE 89 2K is a two component bitumen + cement-based, flexible and quick-drying water-based liquid membrane. Its elasticity and strength are reinforced with various admixtures and polymers. After evaporation of the water within, by sticking firmly to the applied surface, it creates an elastic coating resistant to water and humidity.


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    Tennis Court Paint

    ISONEM FLOOR PAINT is a single component, water and acrylic-based coating material. USAGE AREAS: To obtain a dust free decorative surface on concrete and cement surfaces indoors and outdoors, ISONEM FLOOR PAINT is used in following locations: (without continuous contact with water): •Garages and parking lots with light traffic •Walkways amongst residences, pavements, locations of traffic signs etc. •Tennis courts, playgrounds and recreational grounds


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    Two-Component Solvent Free Epoxy Resin Based Primer

    ISONEM EP is a two-component solvent free epoxy resin based primer with high chemical resistance and approved for use in contact with potable (drinking) water.


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    Polyurethane Resin Based 2-Part Self Smoothing Screed And Seal Coat

    ISONEM PU FLOOR is a two part solvent based coloured self-smoothing polyurethane resin based floor coating with tough-elastic properties
    ADVANTAGES: •Flexible and tough-elastic •UV resistant, suitable for exteriors •Crack-bridging •Good chemical and mechanical resistance •Slip resistant surface possible •Liquid proof •Easy to apply •Easy to clean •Economical
    USING AREAS: •Smooth wearing course with crack-bridging properties for industrial floors in production and storage facilities, work shops etc. •Broadcast wearing course with crack-bridging properties for wet working areas (food and beverage industry etc.), car park decks and loading ramps etc. •Seal coat for broadcast systems •Can be subjected to normal to medium heavy mechanical and chemical stress


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    Solvent Free Epoxy Based Coating

    ISONEM FLOOR is a solvent free epoxy based, two component, coating material that when cured provides a tough high gloss floor with high chemical and physical resistance. It can be applied in thick layers to protect the metal and concrete surfaces against the chemical and physical outside impacts.
    USING AREAS: A long lasting coat is used to provide durable floors for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. •Industrial plants, factories, refinery plants and particularly •Drug and food production fields due to solvent-free characteristics, •Acid production sites, •Chemicals factories, Warehousing •Laboratories, •Automotive and aerospace industries •Purification facilities, •Water tanks, •Metal and concrete floor and walls

  • ISONEM BE 99

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    Elastic, Acrylic Emulsion Based Exterior Paint

    ISONEM BE 99 is an exterior paint that forms an elastic and waterproof layer on the surfaces applied after drying up. It offers a decorative coating, it is acrylic emulsion based. It does not contain solvents and has an elasticity of 300%, it can be applied on dry or slightly humid surfaces. It is highly resistant against UV radiation and climatic conditions.


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    MS Polymer

    ISONEM MS POLYMERS is a one part, solvent-free, pure acrylic-based special waterproofing polymer produced by the latest technology. It is ready to use, UV resistant, bright, hard elastic and walkable. It is not affected by pedestrian and vehicle traffic and chemicals. It is used as an insulation material on terraces, roofs, balconies and wet rooms, industrial floors, concrete, alum, plaster, wood surfaces, spray polyurethane applied surfaces, sidings and foundation walls. As it dries too fast, it is easy to work and quick. Very economical due to its low consumption.


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    New-Generation Insulation And Floor Coating

    ISONEM HYBRID is a new generation insulation and floor coating developed with the latest technology. Due to the nature of the product it may be used alone instead of many insulation and floor coatings. ISONEM HYBRID is one of the most useful product developed so far because of its quick drying rate, ease of application, colored appearance, implementation of the wet and damp surfaces, availability for application under all weather conditions (summer – winter).

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    Insulation & Floor Coating

    SB SUPER COMPONENT ISONEM SB is an insulation and floor coating composed of special mineral fillers and polymer components, capable of strong adhesion with excellent water resistance and UV resistance. Because of its structure ISONEM SB should not wear unlike other insulation materials. So the product is extremely appropriate on roofs, terraces open to pedestrian traffic, foundations, walking paths, on stamped asphalt and concrete. The product will not be affected from sun, snow, rain, water.


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    Acrylic Repair Mortar

    ISONEM MS MORTAR is a ready-to-use excellent mortar consisting of special mineral fillers and polymer components with high adhesion capacity. It never contains cement. Due to its structure, the adherence of ISONEM MS MORTAR is excellent. Easily applicable in concrete and crack repairs and not affected by sun, snow, rain and water. High chemical resistance.


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    ISONEM 1000 Mastic

    ISONEM PU 1000 Mastic is a filling and insulation material based to polyurethane with single component, curing with humidity.

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    ISONEM MS 20

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    Capillary Plaster

    ISONEM MS 20 is a specially produced plaster to ensure the treatment of humid and salt damaged walls. The walls absorb the water involving various salts such as the carbonate, sulphate and nitrate existing in the soil during the weather conditions at the seasons through the capillary canals and gaps.

  • ISONEM MS 80

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    Transparent Liquid For Exterior Surfaces

    ISONEM MS 80 is a one component, transparent, penetrating silane/siloxane hydrophobic impregnant. The product reacts chemically with a mineral substrate to form a surface that is repellent to water yet still permeable to water vapour. ISONEM MS 80 protects and preserves the substrate without altering the natural surface texture or colour and without forming a film layer on the exterior surfaces where it has been applied.

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    ISONEM M 35

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    Super Crystallized Waterproofing Mortar

    ISONEM M 35 is a cementitious, one component crystallized waterproofing product. When applied on concrete surface on positive or negative sides the product provides waterproofing in depth by penetrating into concrete. The product provides high mechanical and chemical resistance on the applied surfaces.

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    Sealing Elastic Filler

    The product based on polymer features high filling and integration feature. It has rather good resistance against UV, sun and weather conditions and it is elastic mastic.


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    Stone Varnish
    ISONEM STONE POLISH Stone varnish contains one component. It thoroughly penetrates stone surfaces. It provides shine and complete protection for stone surfaces. It is transparent. It does not disturb the aesthetic look on the surface.

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    Water Shine
    ISONEM WATER SHINE Stone varnish contains one component. It thoroughly penetrates stone surfaces. It provides shine and complete protection for stone surfaces. It is transparent. It does not disturb the aesthetic look on the surface.


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    Fire Retardant Paint

    Fire retardant is a non-flammable, fire proof paint. It dries and forms a monolith layer on the surface of application. It has an excellent fire retarding feature and it is decorative. It functions as fire retardant when in direct contact with flame. It is fire resistant. It is water-based and does not consist any solvents. It is flexible and not affected by motion. It can be easily applied on dry or semi-humid surfaces.

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    Interior-Exterior Heat Insulation Paint

    ISONEM THERMAL PAINT is a high performance elastomeric resin-based special coating developed within the framework of Space Shuttle Program by NASA. It has got low thermal conductivity value including ceramic micro- spheres. It ensures interior and exterior thermal insulation and waterproofing. The application saves energy up to 40% in heating and cooling costs in buildings depending on the number of floors.


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    Roof Thermal Insulation Coating

    THERMAL ROOF is a waterproofed and thermal insulated coating that is applied liquidly. THERMAL ROOF was developed within the framework of Space Shuttle Program by NASA and was reinforced with ceramic micro- spheres. The bright white formula reinforces with ceramic of THERMAL ROOF reflect sun rays of 80%. THERMAL ROOF reduces the need for ventilation and the costs of cooling. ISONEM THERMAL ROOF roof coating keeps its elasticity and resistance to -34 °C in winter.

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    Polyurethane Based, 2 Components Pool Paint
    ISONEM POOL is the swimming pool paint based on polyurethene resin, consisting of two components, blue in color. It is not affected by the water and the water pressure. ISONEM POOL is very ideal to use in swimming pools and decorative pools particularly in the cases where the ceramic covering is unable to apply. It gives a homogeneous blue appearance on the surface.